24 October 2010

Children's Book Festival

It's an amazing event...and I got exactly 3 photos, none of which would indicate our attendance at function in any way.  Well, maybe the dessert crepe is marginally indicative.  Because nothing says, "We love reading," like dessert crepe.


ETA: Dang!  I have veiny, old-lady hands!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

What does ETA stand for? And you do not have veiny, old lady hands. Jeez. We grew up in the days of regular moisturizing! Well, we probably also wash and disinfect our hands more than they did in the days of yore.

I love the dessert crepe photo. Yummy in 2D.

Lam said...

ETA = edited to add (i.e., not in the post as originally published). Used most commonly in posts on forums.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, thanks for explaining that! I don't thinnk I've noted that before when participating in forums. I usually see:

Edited: [date]

ETA is much quicker!