05 September 2010

You're getting sleepy...


Veeeeeery sleeeeepy.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Are you sure he's not just framing everything for a camera shot? :)

Lam said...

And he's shutter happy too! Whenever he has my camera, he's never satisfied with one shot, he's keeps clicking and clicking away and then has to view the photos and talk about each and every minute change from one frame to the next!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I wonder if he'll be a photographer when he grows up.

Lam said...

I don't know, we definitely art daily. Yes, I just used "art" as a verb.

They have a creative center in the garage that all their own. There are bins of paper, pens, pastels, etc. with stickers, sequins, beans, feathers, beads, etc. So they always make these 3 dimensional pieces using their squiggle scissors and bits of clay (there's a giant brick of it that they cut off). It's our "tv". When I need a moment, I ask them to play in the sand or create an artpiece. A2 is particularly fond of the punches (cut out shapes when pressed) because his fine motor isn't as good as A1's.

Occasionally, I have a planned project (i.e., has a targeted complete look) but they usually freeform.

So wish I had this as a kid! It's not expensive either, I just buy random out-of-season stuff for clearance prices.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You are such a wonderful parent. I'm constantly in awe of you.

Dude, seriously.

Lam said...

So once, I read a quote from Angelina Jolie (yes, THAT pretentious husband-stealing witch--of course, I do very much admire her ability to manipulate the publicity machine) and it went something like, "Well...we're *artists* so we feel it's important for our children to be able to express themselves artistically." FU, lady. My entire social circle has artistic kids who are covered in paint from head to toe on a daily basis.

Anyway, also my way of saying that free art is not so rare in these parts.