14 September 2010

The preschooler

Well, it's official.  A2 is now attending the co-op preschool. 

I have to start him off at the beginning of the day with wet hair or else he gets that Mad Scientist frizz.

But by the end of the day, he's got a fluffy head of hair and plenty of cornmeal from the sensory table all over himself.

And here he is on his 2nd day of preschool.  He's very focused on decorating his A and doesn't care that I'm about to leave him all by his lonesome.  All in all, this has been a very positive start!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

His hair trips me out. I love seeing it captured in your photos, and the story behind wetting it...that just adds dimension!

No, I'm still not going to listen to a lot of commentaries and stuff on DVDs. :)

Lam said...

I tell ya, the previews and the commentaries are so often better than the feature film itself. Random note: I just saw Choking Man. It's one of those movies I'm not sure if I enjoyed. It was film school-y. Which is something I actually enjoy.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Never heard of Choking Man!

Lam said...

It was free on Hulu and an automated suggestion based on what I was watching at the time. I DO NOT suggest it. Btw, who are these people on the movie forums? Are they kids? Just teenagers who hang with the adults because the internet is dangerous like that? Because in this movie **SPOILER ALERT** there is a "roommate" who is quite obviously the lead character's alter ego/subconscious/hallucination but very few seem to have gotten that.

One thing that I know I enjoyed is the title. The lead is suffocating (his life circumstances, his social phobias, etc)), so he is the Choking Man. But the hallucination is suffocating the lead with his verbal and emotional tyranny, so he is also the Choking Man. Which is okay that they are both the Choking Man since they're the same person anyhow.

(Not a recommendation!)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hm...it sounds so interesting!

Lam said...

Ha ha!! No, it really isn't. The Asian chick who was the love interest was weird and her voice annoyed me during the whole movie! And there was this odd animation intermittently throughout the film. Not quite enough to be quirky, just jarring (not in a good way).

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Okay, I'm convinced not to see it. :)