27 September 2010


I was trying to snap some shots of my nephew and his girlfriend.

A1 was displeased with the lack of action and decided that since no photo is complete without his presence anyhow, he would join in the fun by leaping in front of the camera.  Repeatedly.  Notice the exasperation in the background?


Ivan Chan Studio said...

That's an old nephew! It's so weird seeing life "continue." Well, and then there's your son--your s-o-n in the photograph. Neat! More neat than veiny old-lady hands is progeny to mark the passage of time!

Lam said...

And that kid isn't even the oldest! He's the middle brother. As it is, I was 20 when his older brother was born and that older brother is now an undergraduate! Sheesh, old, I tell ya...old!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

What's that, kiddie? I cain't hear ya!