15 September 2010

Firehouse visit

A2 didn't love the lecture/education component.

But once he was able to climb on the truck and play with the equipment, he was pretty pleased.


Rachel S. said...

omg, the expression on his face in pic #2 is hilarious! Totally can't wait for it to be over. LOVE the pic of him and Claire. Now that A1 is in kinder, it looks like the # of A2 photos will quickly catch up to his big bro.

Lam said...

Yes, Rach, I hadn't noticed the abundance of A2 photos until I started posting this batch! Hopefully his numbers will increase proportionally because that this point, he's WAY behind!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Double nose-picking and bored faces crack me up.

I clicked on one of your pics by accident and it took me to Flickr.

How do you connect the two? Do you manually create a link, or do you upload to Flickr and blog the upload? Or...?

Lam said...

Yes, you can compose directly from Flickr by linking your blog. I read that it was a policy of theirs that if you were to use an image hosted by them on another site, that it had to link back to the page on Flickr, so rather than using the actual location, you have to use the HTML that includes the Flickr destination--which I always thought was fair since I use the free service.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yeah, that's fair. I've seen the "blog this" sort of button on Flickr so I was wondering if you uploaded there first and then blogged from Flickr, or if you posted on blog and copied the HTML from Flickr.

Lam said...

It's not as well integrated as Google. If you have Picasa (Google's tremendously awesome and totally free photo manager/editor, you can blog (to Google's Blogger, of course) directly from your hard drive because it gets hosted by Google online via their (also free) Picasa albums.

I have $$$ invested in Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop too and STILL use Picasa for many things!