12 August 2010

Thursday Things

...that make me happy.

My kids LOVE learning.

I found ice cube molds in the shape of brains.  Awesome!

I secretly love it when my kids "ruin" shots.  Notice A2 illicitly climbing up the BBQ in the background?

Eating from our backyard is cool.  Eating grapes from my parents backyard is just as cool.


meg said...

I LOVE the Brain Freeze!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love ice and gelatin molds.

Nice post. Like cairns on your inner road.

Lam said...

Ikea often has really fun silicone ice molds.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yeah they do.

In Italy, my friends told me it was pronounced, "Ee-KAY-ah."

I don't know if that's just Italianization, or if that's how the Swedes pronounce IKEA. And yes, I capitalize it because that's what it looks like on their branding. :)

Lam said...

OMG, I can TOTALLY see (hear) ee-KAY-ah. If I'd never hear anyone say it, I too would have used those phonemes!