07 August 2010


I'm going to turn this amusement park post into a photography post.  Because that's what I do.

We spent 7 hours in the park and the boys had a blast, but I only have these 4 photos to show for it:

I "need" a good point-and-shoot that's better than my iPhone but not as bulky and cumbersome and my SLR, which is neither that bulky nor that cumbersome until I'm also lugging around snacks and supplies for a full day at an amusement park.


Rachel S. said...

Hmmmm...who is that tall fellow who was with you and the boys at legoland? Couldn't he have carried the snacks and supplies?

Lam said...

Ha! No, Rach, he is vehemently against it. When he was a child, his mother would force him to eat the food she brought along instead of buying amusement park food. He vowed never to force his children to do the same. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite get that, at this age, they would rather eat their familiar crackers and such instead of strange food.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I had a similar experience, and I don't make myself eat my own picnic food! I eat expensive amusement park food that tastes like cafeteria food and not as good as everybody made it look when I was a kid and couldn't have any of it!!

I do know that a lot of people cite the food as a touchstone for amusement park memory. Like hot dogs at a baseball game.

So you find a camera solution?

Lam said...

I've never said no when they've wanted amusement park food, but I tell ya, most toddlers I know do not enjoy venturing too far from their usual food domain.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I can see that.

I think we were older, and we saw others eating park food, or drinking from those lemon-shaped containers...

Sigh. The power of marketing rears its head once again!