02 August 2010

Adventure days

About a month before A2 was born, I started taking A1 on daily trips to different shows and museums knowing that those would be our last days alone together. Well, as it turns out, that was such a mistake! After his little brother was born, A1 started to ask where we were headed for the day and the answer was invariably, "Nowhere." Who knew I was actually creating heartbreak for the poor fella?

Well, I'm pretty sure I haven't learned my lesson because I'm preparing for Kindergarten by taking the boys on these adventures days where we leave the house right after breakfast (or with breakfast in hand) and don't come home under dinnertime.

Today, we went to the science museum, which wasn't too far out of the ordinary, but they still had a great time. Here they are cautiously examining the new rocket exhibits from afar, followed by a shot of A2 getting attacked by the local flora.

Then we spend the entire afternoon exploring a new park. It was so amazing and I can't believe we'd never been there before. It was very lush (not that you can tell from these photos), but the tall city buildings abutted right up to the borders. It felt like a mini Central Park. Sadly, I didn't expect the park to be that expansive so I didn't bother to bring my big camera. Still, I always have my iPhone with me:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

These are marvelous photos. You could make a pinhole camera sing.

Not every destination is an adventure, but some are.

Lam said...

There's a blog I follow where the photographer got so tired of people asking, "What camera do you have--I want to get it and take pictures like you," that he did an entire fashion shoot using an iPhone. The images were gorgeous.

Sometimes, the reply to demonstrate that the tool is nothing without the individual using said tool is, "Why don't you figure out what kind of slide rule Einstein used and you can be a physicist just like him?"

Lam said...

...not MY reply. One that I'd heard other (famous) photographers using.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I. Love. That.

It's so true.

There's this scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where the master swordsman (played by Chow Yun-Fat) is talking with the young antagonist who's stolen his sword, the Green Destiny (which is a magnificent sword).

He duels with her using a *bamboo branch* (and kicks her ass).

It reminds me of another reason why I use my fingers when I paint.

Lam said...

Thanks for the detailed description because I saw the movie and you know darn well I cannot recall that scene! In fact, the only thing I can remember are bits of the DVD extras. Actually, I often recall those ONLY those parts!