25 July 2010

Word allergy

I love words.  And when I string them together to create entire sentences that start from my mind and end up in yours via this amazing phenomenon called language...well, that just blows me away.  But lately, I haven't wanted to communicate; I haven't wanted to be heard.  Though I suppose I can be seen because my photos, the ones I chose to display, say more than I do. 

Since I've run out photos of the boys (is that even possible!?!), here are photos of a friend's children.  I'll let them speak for me while I reignite my love of words.


Their mama is my treasured friend of over 25 years.  There's so much chatter with new acquaintances, but with old friends, there is the solace of silence.


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Lam said...

Yeah, I don't recall what was specifically going on then. Maybe I was just starting to be anemic and merely physically sluggish from it.