16 July 2010

Otter Pops

Nothing brings two brothers together during the summer like Otter Pops.

Otter Pops and matching tees.



Ivan Chan Studio said...

Otter Pops are awesome.

I hated matching with my brother when I was a kid! Glad they don't seem to mind.

And wow, this must be one of those multiposts in a day! Glad you broke that rule!

Lam said...

Well, they're only 3 and 5 so they still LOVE it. They get so excited when I pull out a matching outfit for the day. They especially love it when both their dad & I join in!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I could never stand it. I had strong opinions about clothing, shoes, etc. and wanting to be my own person.

Yeah, I would have been stoned by the village.

Lam said...

I get the feeling that once I'm through picking out their clothes for them, their spouses will take over. Seriously, they'd very happily go through the day naked if I didn't put out clothes.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Heh heh...

It takes all types. Of course, I don't think I can dress myself very well.

Rather, when I get creative, I think I'm very stylish but not fashionable. And since I haven't bothered to be stylish in years (attempt at asceticism), I've leaned on being fashionable instead--in a traditional sense (as in, I tend to wear "timeless" fashion that's very staid and "professional" versus trendy stuff).

Lam said...

I wear my pragmatism...well, on my sleeve!

I don't like throw pillows because the only place I want to throw them is in the trash. They're so decorative and but don't seem to serve any purpose. So I don't like jewelry, scarves (not the ones for warmth, of course), and other "needless" embellishments. Which prohibits me from ever looking pulled together. It's really the accessories that pull a woman's look together. And someone like me, who uses a purse until it's beyond repair, cannot pull off either stylish or fashionable!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I usually feel the same way, but I've been trying to redefine my definition of pragmatism!

I mean, if accessories pull a look together, they're actually doing something, right? Throw pillows are pretty, express softness and comfort and design, and for me, I use them: I throw them somewhere and then lie on them.

If I didn't, I'd use them for a bonfire. I'd make them serve a purpose!