28 July 2010

A good day

I'm feeling very satisfied and fortunate today--which is hard for me because I really do enjoy complaining so much!  But today was one of those really good days that just snuck up on me.  There was no whining; there was no yelling.  And the kids behaved too.

Heh.  Just kidding.

(Sort of.)

In the morning, I found them inexplicably hiding--and gigging--under the kitchen desk (never mind the food in A2's wide open mouth).

And then we had some wonderfully sweet new friends over for such a peaceful, low-key playdate...and impromptu photo session because my camera is always at my hip and ready for shootin'.

And then we were off to the zoo for an afternoon visit...and yes, I realize there are no actual zoo animals in these photos.  Just my own monkeys.


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