13 July 2010

Days off

James had a few days off and it was so nice for the boys to have him around. On most workdays, he and the boys only get to spend a few minutes together in the morning since James gets home after their bedtime.

We visited the children's science museum and the boys are never as animated with me as they are when we're all together!

There was a Tinkertoy exhibit.

The climbable parking lot planets get a thumbs-up from the boys.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Neat planets!

I wonder if Pluto is there...I miss Pluto's status.

Nice to see the ampedness of the kiddies with daddy around. :)

Lam said...

Pluto is still a planet in our household. Our garage solar system includes it. When I saw it, I knew they were going to sell out and then the new versions would not include Pluto, so I bought the set immediately!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yay, Pluto!

That model you have is a piece of history. I hope you hang it up next to your flat Earth globe.

(Wait, isn't that called a map?)