23 July 2010

CELDT, the conclusion

Well, it's certainly not shocking, but it is a relief for me to announce that A1 does, in fact, speak English. Astounding, right?

In case you missed the rant, here it is!


meg n said...

SO happy he passed. I so worried.

LH said...

The really odd part was that there was a boy who came out at nearly the same time and he didn't pass...but then I saw that he and his dad were exclusively speaking English (horrible, broken English!) to each other. Poor kid--no native language AND terrible English example.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's painful to have that lack of native language and terrible English example. I saw it often (when I lived in a place with more diversity).

Lam said...

I've since heard more comments about children not passing the exam (I think the bar is much higher for English learners than for native speakers)--one from a set of Latino physician parents of a boy who doesn't even speak Spanish at home but they got mixed up in the paperwork somehow. Of course, the boy could have just lacked linguistic proficiency in general. I wish people would just admit there is variance within a population. Not all people are equally intelligent, equally athletic, etc.