13 July 2010

Abandoned lot

Yes, I took the boys to an abandoned lot with boarded up houses. I have no idea why.

Okay, I do. I totally do. It was because I wanted photos. This was definitely one of our weirder outings.

This one grows more and more serious.

Not so much, this one. He seems to be getting goofier with time.

But for the most part, their differences work well together.

Sorry about the heavy-handed editing

...and for letting him go out with a dirty face.


Amber Riley said...

Awesome photos! :)

idreamoffrance said...

Where was this? I love this kind of thing...dilapidation, renaturalization, the sensation of being lost in time, etc, etc!

LH said...

Behind Katie Wheeler, there are several houses and a wagon with a coach attached. So random.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Very wabi sabi--nothing quite like the beauty of ruination (and what a contrast, to have the boys...yes, I'm justifying for you why you took them on a weird outing).

Lam said...

I've since discovered that the city purposefully preserved their agricultural history by making that area a regional park. (This is Myford Road.)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Nice! I'm so glad that cities still do things like this.