02 June 2010

Fair isn't always equal

...but maybe it should be when sheer number of photos is the variable of interest. A1 has twice as many photos as A2 did during their respective first years of life. I'm fully aware that photos drop off with each subsequent jump in birth order, but for some reason, I still make the error of snapping more shots of A1. Following are of A1's birthday 2 months ago; there are no (as in none, zilch, nada, nuthin'!) analogous shots of A2 during his special day last month. What's wrong with me?!?

First, A1 got to pick breakfast and dessert. For some reason, he chose fast food tacos! We all marveled at the table number, 55, as it was A1's 5th birthday.

Then he got to pick the day's activity. He was unmoved by my begging, coercing, and general complaining and chose fishing despite what I considered to be quite convincing arguments against it. Egg (and bait...blech) on my face, because he loved it.

I got tired of sitting around and so did A2 so I took him for a walk and some photos. Sorry for the obnoxious logo watermarked on the 2nd photo.

A week after his actual birthdate, A1 had a school celebration. And as it turned out, he was the only one in the school whose birthday was in April so he had the platform all to himself.

Then the class made a cake together. I made frosting. A lot of frosting. Frosting that equaled in volume to the cake! No one complained.

We donated a book, Michael Recycle, to the school library.

And while we're on an A1 streak, here he is during the Mother's Day celebration. He sang and made a cool representation of me...I'm wearing pearls!

That's right, folks. An entire post and only 2 photos of A2! The guilt is like a ton of bricks!


Amber Riley said...

Cute pictures....I totally understand. Poor Abbey has 1/3 the amount of photos Maddy does...Soooo sad!

LH said...

Ah, but as you may recall, I owe sweet Abbey some individual photos! Let's arrange a time to get together.

Hyacynth said...

That picture of the water and the light -- oh, it's incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Guilt is your way of giving him time on your blog! You certainly write more about him, yes?