13 June 2010

Centennial Farm

The large animals (cows, donkeys, etc.) and the crops were all pretty exciting, but the kids were riveted by the baby chicks. Hmm...baby chicks. Because I like redundancy in my language.

Anyway! Here they are listening to the lecture before going in to touch the chicks.

Poor chicks, who got handled by so many kids!

These two photos are the result of a "mama, mama, take a picture" request.


Rachel S. said...

That was a great day! The chick is pretty cute, but I think our 3 little chicklets in the first pic are cuter!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Baby chicks versus adolescent chicks or even human females--it is good to be redundant, since because it definitely defines your meaning.

LH said...

@Rach I can't believe how focused our kids were! More so that many of the older kids from the school group!

@I Ha!!!