29 May 2010

Field trips

I'm utterly baffled by those parents whose children calm down in the car, the ones whose babies would only be lulled into slumber by the sounds and vibrations of a neighborhood ride. My kids HATED their carseats with such passion! But about 6 months ago, we started being able to take in longer car rides and that's really opened up what we're able to experience as a family.

We went back to the Huntington for a visit one month after our earlier trip. The boys had a really good time and I didn't break down into tears with a screaming baby in the backseat!



Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love the retro look in these photos!

You used to break down in tears over screaming kidlings in the carseat?

Jeez--that's some hollerin'!

LH said...

Trapped in your house unable to do even grocery shopping lest a child vomits from crying during the 15-minute car ride is grounds for mama breakdowns!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Heck yeah!

Wow. Crying till barfing.

I remember that!