25 February 2010

belated Wednesday Whine

For some reason, I feel a blog post without photos is somehow incomplete. So I refrain from posting when I have no accompanying images, which is precisely how weeks and months can fly by without a single blog entry. But I got nuthin' today...except complaints. And it's Thursday!

1. Hey lady who props up her child at the front of the show, if your toddler is standing, he blocks the stage from the other little ones sitting behind him. I know, it's a curious law of physics--I'm sure having something to do with light behaving like both a particle and wave. No wait. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that you're completely inconsiderate and that you are raising inconsiderate children. Stop it. It's annoying.

2. Hey death-defying bicyclist who goes careening into the intersection without first stopping at the stop sign, my van is significantly larger and heavier than you are. This time, it really does have to do with the laws of physics. Here's a little hint from me to you: if you want to treated like a car (with the privilege turning left from the left lane), behave like a car and obey the rules of the road (by stopping at the stop sign).

Okay. Two is enough. I already feel guilty.

If you're hungry for photos, feel free to mosey on over to my other site to see my pho-BLOG-raphy.

16 February 2010


Risks terrify me. I like safe and boring--I celebrate it. I don't smoke and I don't drink, and I wear both sunscreen and my seatbelt with vigor and regularity. Safe. And boring.

So recently I thought I'd try the iced mocha at McDonald's. Mistake. That was a huge mistake! Seriously, what kind of crack is MickeyD's adding to these heavenly concoctions? I NEED them. I completely slurp them down the instant I get my grubby little paws on them. Sometimes, when I drive my those golden arches, my heart races a little. And I yearn for the drive-through.

This all feels pretty odd to me since I haven't had any caffeine since I carried A1 and I was never a coffee drinker at all. Plus, I think of myself as possessing an overflowing amount of self-control for addictive substances.

Here are unrelated photos of A2...though I'm addicted to him too.
Ikea froyo


05 February 2010


That's what A2 calls the dry riverbed. Though, he now calls it the wet driverbed because of the flowing rain water:

I tell ya, 3 seasons of dirt and dust sure do make a lot of mud when you add water.
driverbed 1

The boys probably don't even realize how lucky they are to have the time to discover and explore in the open like this.
driverbed 2
driverbed 3

A1 tells me that the earth has songs hidden inside of it and that the only way to let the music out is to tap the ground. So here, the boys are singing and A2 is clapping along. Great photo? No. Great moment in childhood imagination? Why, yes.
driverbed 4

And to distract you from the fact that I post WAY too many photos of us at the now moist driverbed, here is a cow and her amazing tongue, as snapped at Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland.
driverbed 5

01 February 2010

Life lessons from the munchkins

Live life so hard that it dirties you up from head to toe...

or at least until you're laughing so hard that your mouth is thrown so wide open that it shuts your eyes.