29 January 2010


So, like, growth is totally a good thing, right? Because, man oh man, I've completely outgrown my camera. I understand (and often use) all of the menu options, buttons, and dials. There's still so much more I'd like to accomplish but these things require better light sensitivity and greater speed, among other things. But near-noiseless high ISO performance and more fps are really expensive!

Alas, I have lost (had stolen?) my new and much loved iPhone. I suppose it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, right? I texted James in the Tiki Room and when we reached the Fire House, not 10 minutes later, I reached for the phone to text him again and it was gone. Now I know there are far, far more significant losses in life, but I'm still lonely without my phone. I'm like Jadzia without Dax, like Twiki without Dr. Theopolis--or am I more like Dr. Theopolis without Twiki? And clearly this loss has rendered me a babbling sci-fi freak.


That was my baseline status.

Anyway. I'll be getting a replacement iPhone. Because AT&T owns me for the entirety of the contract and they don't give a hoot whether I'm Dax- or Twiki-less.

So now, that leaves me a bit further from a new camera. Not that my current camera is bad. It's actually quite fantabulous! Which is, of course, a marvel in and of itself since I got 2 years ago when I knew nothing about photography (which, I realize, is not as good as my current just-right-of-next-to-nothing level of knowledge about photography).

Anyway, here is a photo of A1 at a recent birthday party:

This is a crop of the bubble...exactly the same photo, just cut closely. Check out how clearly the bubble reflects the house to A1's back. See? Totally great camera, right?

And still, I want and want. What is wrong with me? I don't think of myself as particularly materialistic. So in rolls a thunderous storm of guilt for wanting a ridiculous phone and an unnecessary new camera.

Here is A2 at the same party. He was completely fascinated and climbed right up to this boy because he'd never seen a video game before. You know, because we don't own a television or a game system. See? Our home is not so laden with material objects. And yet I WANT!

27 January 2010

Birthday party

I'm really loving these bounce house parties, where the kids get their choice of 3, 4, or even more bounce houses to exhaust their store of energy.

The extra activities are pretty awesome. When presented with the option of balloon creations, the boys nearly always choose swords (because even if they had puppies or flowers, they would still bop each other on the head as if they were swords!). Here is A1 looking rather displeased. I think A2 has just jabbed him for the win.

He did not take the loss well.

But then crawling in a barrel with his brother cheered him up.

I think the best part about this event for me was that it was for the daughter of a friend I've known for over half of my life. Amazing. How does time fly like that?

26 January 2010


We recently took advantage of the free day at the Kidseum, which boasts hands-on cultural art: International dress-up, tribal instruments, ethnic masks, language exploration, and imaginative art/music lab (yes, I just pilfered that description directly from their site).

A1 liked the big sombrero. And why not? It's big. And it's a sombrero. Well, technically, aren't sombreros only straw hats? I have no idea. I'm ashamed to call myself a Southern Californian!

Here are the boys drumming. A2 looks like he's having a good time, but A1 looks like he's drumming as if his life depended on it!

A1 really like this mask, but it creeped both me and A2 out!

And here are parts of A2, rubbing and showing off his paper dragon.

For the whopping price of FREE, you really can't beat it!

25 January 2010

Cats and dogs

To say that it has been raining here would be an enormous understatement. The downpour was so tremendous that our entire backyard flooded, an event that sent the boys directly outside mid-storm.

They even got to test out their new umbrellas (not a frugal purchase for the usually arid So Cal!).

Then we visited our beloved dry riverbed.

It was...wet. And muddy.

Life is so much better with boys! I never saw rain like this before they were born! What was once a nuisance is now something to celebrate!

20 January 2010

January 20th, just checking in

...to say that there are still Christmas decorations out! In my defense, the boys have a hard time parting with the decorations as well. A1 was particularly enamored of the lights on his playhouse just like the big house.
playhouse lights

Here, I'll distract you from the out-of-season decor with A2's fluffy hair and bizarre antics:
mac fingers
block climber

14 January 2010

Dry riverbed

In 2010, there will less noise and fewer crowds:
Disneyland (A2 is nervous about the kid who's about to climb up on Dumbo with them)

and there will a lot more of us hanging out in the dirt:

The boys absolutely love our local dry riverbed. Though it should really be called the Marginally Moist Riverbed after that little bit of rain we got this week.

Hmm...I did a 180 and caught James trying to text from his iPhone!

Oh well, no worries. The boys love the rocks and dirt!

A2 spied a seedpod...well, that's what he called it when he gave it to me. I don't even know what it is myself.

We very lucky to live where the outdoor playing season pretty much never ends.

13 January 2010


I always get nervous before trips that require more than 30 minutes in the car, but it turns out that when I sit back and relax, the boys end up entertaining themselves...with conversation, no less! I love eavesdropping on their conversations.

The exhibits inside the hangar museum were nice...

but the kids really liked seeing the historic aircraft (over 70!) outside.

They especially enjoyed being able to explore them.

All in all, it was a great trip.

12 January 2010

Craig Regional Park

The compulsion to get my money's worth is overpowering in me. This year, this irrational drive will show itself in my need to visit every regional park in the county to make the parking pass (the relatively dirt cheap parking pass!) worth it.

James was not impressed by the Nature Center

And the kids didn't so much about the 124 acres of splendid outdoors...

as they did the play apparatus.

09 January 2010

Photo-free zoo trip

Sometimes I wonder if the best part of the trip is chasing the gulls at the rest stop.

They don't scare easily!

My favorite capture of the day wasn't even in the zoo itself. I was in the backseat when I looked up and spied the boys holding hands. So stinkin' cute!

07 January 2010

It's January 7th

...and the Christmas decorations are STILL up!

But so many of them were fashioned by the kids and I don't want to see them go.
paper garland

Of course, the kids make tons of projects, like this egg carton/coffee filter butterfly (they're obsessed with chrysalises and metamorphoses these days), that it's a terrible excuse not to clean up the holiday decor.