18 November 2009

I don't even like the beach!

I mean, it gets hot and I end up sticky with sunscreen and sweat with gritty sand all over me. How is that enjoyable?

But we're there all the time!


I suppose that's what happens when you have kids. What you want is for them to be happy. And the rest, well, just falls away like so much sand between my fingers (and from my clothes, my bag, the cooler, the carseats...you get it, right?)


10 November 2009

Big Orange Balloon

Here are the boys waiting with their friends.

Here are the boys wondering if it too late to call it a day and just go to the safety of their home.

It was strange and frightening to be up in the air like that.

It was almost just as strange and frightening to be on the ground and looking back at the balloon.

After we got home, another mama in our party emailed me a pic she took of us while we were up on the air. See how well I mask the terror?

09 November 2009

Permanent helmets, please.

We were biking at the park when the kids abandoned their bikes and started playing, with their helmets still on.

helmet 1
helmet 2
helmet 3
helmet 4

And then it occurred to me that I was much less terrified about the possibility of harm befalling them.

Sneaky popsicle eater

First off, I'd like to say that I've come to accept that I will never win any prizes for clever blog titles. I'm okay with that. Mostly.

And second, I've turned A2 into a little sneak. After we drop off his brother at school and he's all buckled into his carseat, he whispers to me, "Mama, let's go home and have popsicles...just us." And then I dutifully comply with his request.

secret popsicle 1
secret popsicle 2

He LOVES popsicles. Really, really loves 'em!

06 November 2009

Even more days at Disney

Here is our 24th trip. That's Dumbo's magic feather in A1's hands.
Disney 24

Visit #25.
Disney 25
Disney 25b

On the 26th visit, A1 had some Pixie Dust on his hands and A2 was sad that he was too scared to get his own so A1 spontaneously shared it with him by rubbing their hands together. It was really sweet!
Disney 26
Disney 26b
Disney 26c

On the 27th trip, A2 stood in front of the fountain and...well...imitated a fountain.
Disney 27

This is number 28.
Disney 28

And here's number 29.
Disney 29

Here, on our 30th visit, A1 is telling me that A2 accidentally-on-purpose poked the goat in the eeeeeeye!
Disney 30a
Disney 30b

Parent and Toddler

That's how you pronounce "Mommy and Me" these days.

Anyway, I felt bad about not having A2 in any classes during his first 2 years so I enrolled him in 2 different classes with me. Here he is in on the first day of one of them.
PM 1
PM 2
PM 4

Then, we went to preview his 2nd class.
PM 5

Afterward, we attended the Back-to-School welcome dinner. What a special place to be...they've come to accept balloon animals, face painting, snow cone machines, and ample cupcakes as a perfectly normal part of school!
PM 6
PM 7
PM 8
PM 9

Bad habits are highly contagious

We went to the International Street Fair and I wanted some pictures of the kids, but A1 just kept making faces at me.
Int'l 1
Int'l 2

And no surprise, his shadow followed suit!
Int'l 3

Oh well, at least I got some neat pictures of the street on our walk out to the car. Nevermind the bad composition, just look at the cool sky!
Int'l 4

See how low the moon is!
Int'l 5

05 November 2009

A visit

We had a visit from an out-of-state friend and her daughter, who is a little over a year older than A1.

This photo is pretty much their entire dynamic. She is exasperated by these young kids (a year or two makes such a huge difference at this age!). A1 is trying his hardest to irk her. And A2 is wondering why he can't get in on the action of the older kids.

But don't worry about A2. He gets his!

Spray park

So many of the new neighborhoods around these parts have spray parks with hoses, sprinklers, and fountains intended for young splashers. We certainly enjoy our local park.

How come A1 runs away when I aim the camera toward him but runs toward it when I aim the camera at someone else!?!

Children's Museum


I take the boys on lots and lots of field trips, creating a childhood vastly different from my own which primarily included a lot of simple, open play. I wonder if the boys will grow up with a dependency on more stimuli to excite them, if they will develop a need to be always on the go, or if they'll even recall these experiences in any substantive manner. Of course, we have a lot of free play at home too, and the boys are far less scheduled than most of their peers who are aleady in team sports and other arranged activities. But still, I worry. Because, you know, that's what I do. Worry.