17 July 2009

Where o where has my little baby gone?

The "Wonderful Ones" had to have been coined for A1. He was a spectacular baby! He defied the "Terrible Twos" by being sweet, inquisitive, and perfect in just about every way. They all warned me to brace myself because I was going to get a double dose during his 3's. But then nothing came down the pipeline from A1 but kindness and joy.

And then he turned 4. It wasn't a slow transition. It was overnight. The sass. The stink eye. And the screaming. Oh my goodness, the screaming! I used to feel so bad that no one knew what a verbally adept child he was because he was just about mute in public, but...well...that's not the case any more. Because, you know, of that aforementioned SCREAMING.

One of the side effects of all this boundary testing/pushing is that I don't have as many pictures of him as I used to. He refuses. So here is one of him and many more of his brother, at whom I look with great suspicion that one day, he too will turn 4 and adopt an equally foreign persona.
Home Depot


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hm. :(

Yeah, it makes me sad.

That said, it's a part o' life and I'm sure you're taking it in stride.

I'd recommend a bark collar, but I don't know if they make them in A1's size! Tee hee!

LH said...

Yes! Just a little, itty bitty spritz of citronella!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, I'm going to convulse with laughter!