24 July 2009

Vacation lessons

A while ago, we took a family road trip. Here are a few photo remnants from that trip.

The boys spent a lot of time together on this trip and it didn't occur to me until we were home (and they were playing in separate rooms) that they actually need some space to do well during those times they are together. Another thing I learned is that when you only drive during naptime, and you're trapped so the only photos you can take are through van windows

...things move by quickly.

Very quickly.

So here is a selection of photos taken by James, who was much freer than I was during the trip.

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

I realize from James's and your beautiful photos that I don't get to enjoy much of the scenery when I'm driving. I mean, I enjoy it, but it's also with the responsibility of the driver.

I think a good compromise would have been you leaping out of the van to photograph as it swerved onto the road's shoulder and then leaping back into the van as it peeled back onto the freeway. Efficiency is key!

That space is so necessary for siblings to maintain mental health and relationship equilibrium, I think. My brother still has scars from me and I think some of my retina burned out from his finger pointing at my eyeball but not touching me not touching me not touching me on family road trips.

This is why I never remembered that I had previously visited places we went on our road trips.