18 July 2009

Things that make me happy

Dogs with attitude. Pax sez, "Whatevs."

Hanging out at the beach and watching seagulls.

Colorful foods.
colorful food

Colorful foods filled with sugar! This was a spectacular homemade birthday cake!!!
color sweet food

Rabbits that hang out on the lawn even when they see me coming. Okay, that didn't used to make me happy, but then we fenced in the veggie patch and things magically changed.
lawn rabbit


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Um, where's the bacon shot?

LH said...

Out of respect for the astounding percentage of vegans in my life, no bacon shots (plenty of bacon eating, though).

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ha! I always feel funny about eating meat and other stuff around my vegan friends.

I was tempted by a vegan muffin the other day.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hey! If it makes you happy, it's about you (and this is your blog)--I say, bacon away!

LH said...

I only flaunt the meat around the militant ones. But I really do feel bad around the nice vegetarians and vegans who don't push it on me. It's a great recruiting strategy! I'm sure it's taught in Mormon Proselytizing Boot Camp.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, you know it!