28 July 2009

A swimmer!

Last year, A1 started swim lessons but by the end of the summer, he was still annoyed by water on his face. This summer, he made amazing strides (literally!) and was able to dunk his whole head in the water, which made it so much easier to learn how to swim. I'm so proud of my little fish!

Actually, he's made so many developmental leaps this summer. He's gotten so much more social.
about to slide

Oh, and the sass. He's gotten a bit sassy too...but I'll take it--and I'll even pretend to be exasperated even though I secretly think it's kind of cute.


Sara said...

Yay for becoming a stronger swimmer. Ben made HUGE progress swimming this summer (we did 5 days per week for 3 months). In fact, because I don't want to lose his progress I just signed him up for Fall swimming (Tuesday/Thursday nights for 30 minutes). He is so excited to continue. I must say, I am jealous that he gets to swim all of the time because I love it too.

H F W said...

Hey, you're back from blogging hiatus! Yay!

Is A1 now going on five?

Also, beside it being a good idea to know how to swim in general, it probably will come in especially helpful since he lives in Southern California, and you all have sunshine and lovliness all year long.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Swimming and sass, ah, the milestones of childhood!

Nice pre-dating and post-posting! Took me by surprise.


LH said...

Sara & Hy, it's so strange that here in So Cal, kids are regularly put in swimming before they can even walk. I don't remember swim lessons as a kid until I was 8 or 9! Though I'm glad for the new skill set since I feel much better about the (fenced) pool in our backyard.

Yes, Hy, A1 turned 4 in late April.

I, this post and the previous one were already started weeks ago with offline photos that never got uploaded so I just published them as is with their predates. Actually, I've always got a huge supply of random half-posts lined up.

Amber Riley said...

Yeah for A1 swimming. A skill EVERY So Cal kids MUST have in my opinion!!! WAY TO GO!!