07 July 2009

Results from the Great Shootout

WAY back, a few months ago, I organized a 2nd shooting session for moms to take photos of each other and I forgot to show our results.

First off, the important stuff: Snacks! I made mini cheesecakes and the boys made scones.
mini cheesecakes

When we got to the park, A2 really didn't want to take photos--he just kept climbing over a park bench.
bench climber

But we managed to get one shot in!
photo playdate with mama

You know, maybe it wasn't a good idea to show my face on this blog because I'm hamming it up even more than usual these days.
hamming it up


Ivan Chan Studio said...

OMG. That looks like a giant tube worm behind you.

LH said...

Ha ha!!! TOTALLY thought of you and your tube worm issues when I took/posted that pic!