11 July 2009

Random things that make me happy

I love it when the boys think of me during like their play. Like when I'm gifted with a plate of blue spaghetti play dough or a little painting that makes my heart sing.
play dough spaghetti

The sewing machines and I haven't seen each other in a while, but there's such relief and comfort in knowing that my old hobby is waiting for me whenever I might need it in the future.

Gardening is so cool! It's relaxing and educational. It beautifies and feeds. It's utilitarian art! Um...to enjoy the following photo in its entirety, please ignore my old-lady wrinkly hands and the ridiculously stumpy pinkie.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ha!! Your hands aren't wrinkly. Maybe you wash them a bit? (I know I do--37 to 60 in 20 seconds!)

Your pinkie is perfect for your hand (and I'm sorry I said what I said years ago, it was unfiltered and insensitive!).

And I hope this isn't where you say, "I don't remember what you said! What did you say?"

At which point, I get to live over my shameful behavior! :)

LH said...

Ha ha!!! I honestly have NO CLUE what you said! It obviously wasn't so damaging. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

That, or you've internalized it so deeply!

At least you're not asking me to relive the thing I said.

I should just stop apologizing, but I found one classmate who was like, "I don't remember much during that period. Too painful." And I was like, Oooookay. That's exactly why I need to make amends!

LH said...

Too painful to recall? Hahahaha!!! I'm sorry, that's so incredibly horrible, I had to laugh like a hyena on crack!