06 July 2009

Peanuts adults

You know how in the Peanuts cartoons, the adults' bodies and voices are obscured? Maybe I should just do that for my photos...because I really only want to look at the kids anyhow!

Peanuts LM
Peanuts MB


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, that's funny!

One time, I sat underneath a desk on the last day of school with some third graders.

The teacher would make announcements and such and it was the oddest feeling hearing her voice, it seemed so far away and authoritative...

But I was safe under the desk-fort!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Forgot to subscribe!

LH said...

Your under-the-desk comment reminds me of my favorite moment when we were painting in grade school. It literally turned my world upside-down. How lucky were we to have had such an innovative art program and such an inspirational teacher at its helm!?!