10 July 2009

Is Silly String toxic?

The label on the can reads Non-Toxic, so it must be true, right? You know, I should really Google these things before allowing the boys free access.
silly string 1
silly string 2
silly string 3

Rest assured that the boys always revel in my lapses in judgment.


Michelle said...

SILLY STRING!!! Oooh, I have had so much fun with that stuff. I will have to get a can of it when TLE's out of the "oooh, interesting *shove in mouth*" phase.

LH said...

We used off-brand Walmart funny rope or something otherwise ridiculous like that. The boys loved it and I was impressed w/ how easily it cleaned up. TLE has a lot to look forward one the *shove in mouth* phase is over with! Like play dough!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

There are different kinds of "non-toxic" I found out in my search for non-toxic paint.

Sometimes it means, "don't eat" and other times it means "eat it, that's fine, but your poo will be funny colors."