14 July 2009

Getting over myself

When I also managed our family website, I intended this blog to be a space for my random thoughts and sewing/craft projects. Then, when I let the family site go, I intended this to be a virtual scrapbook for the boys. But sometimes I take photos that are, as deemed by me, completely lacking in merit. But I just need to get over myself because these pictures hold special memories for me and for the boys as well. They love looking back at functions they've attended and friends with whom they played.

I mean, they couldn't care less about the framing or lighting in these photos. They just remember what a fun time it was at the museum.

Okay, maybe it wasn't entirely fun for A2.

And here they are playing so happily with friends. It was so sunny, I couldn't get any good shots, but I'm pretty sure the boys won't care when we scroll through them.


Amber Riley said...

If you think these are not good photos you must think the ones on my blog are awful!!! :) I agree that the memories are the most important part of it. I think ALL of your photos are great. Such cute boys!!

H F W said...

Nope, they sure won't care that the sun was out full force. My little guy loves pictures, too, because it helps him connect to the activities and people. I could take them with a disposable and he'd still flip through them daily in his picture book. That's the beauty of photography, right? So many ways to enjoy it.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Poor A2! What was he upset about?

Is it so bright that the background turned pure white in those other pics? Or is that some weird museum background?

Your photography is so stunning, it's hard to let go but I'm glad you did for these shots (in the posting of them). Sometimes, life's a bowl of cereal and not a gourmet meal, yeah?

LH said...

See that empty box to the side of the image? A2 was upset because it's supposed to be full of dinosaur bones ready for assembly but A1 took them all before he could get to them. Ah, brothers.

The background of the other pics are white because it was a very bright but hazy day so that to see the kids' faces, everything has to be lightened. I just couldn't figure out the proper exposure so it all looks unnaturally hazy.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I was such an evil brother. I'm amazed my brother still talks with me and that we have a good relationship now! :)

You've tried selective dodging and burning of areas with PS, yes?

LH said...

Dodge & burn, yes. But I only work that hard on a photo that will be given to someone else in full resolution or one that I will print for myself (which doesn't really happen anymore).

Joan said...

Your kids are damn cute, no matter what picture they're in.