25 July 2009

Field trip: Bus ride

We took a round trip bus ride from one local strip mall to another. You wouldn't think it was such a great event, but the boys loved it! I think it had to do with the digger they watched prior to the ride

The ride itself was smooth and we were quite happy with our drivers who were very gracious about the giant horde of children and our endless rounds of The Wheels on the Bus.

The boys especially liked the OCTA packages with a Metro train, bookmarks, buttons, crayons and coloring book, and other goodies.

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

The last photo reminds me of what it was like being on a field trip.

The first photo astonishes me--they seem to be all boys, and all fascinated by construction machinery. I don't understand the fascination, but it's nice that they're so easy to hypnotize, mwahahahahaha.

Only in Southern California are there field trips between strip malls!! Okay, maybe it's for shopping convenience because not everybody has a car down there, but I remember seeing tourist buses stop at South Coast Plaza and thinking to myself, "In Paris they'd stop at the Louvre; here, they stop at a mall. Like, oh my god!"

Regardless, I'm glad they had a great time and heck, they got souvenirs, too!