08 July 2009

Disney trips 14 - 20

Isn't it funny the way subcultures develop? Submersion makes what was once foreign not only acceptable, but also desirable. I remember when I first discovered babywearing, all those photos of babies strapped to their mamas were such a strange sight. But after a while, I came to love those images--and covet those carriers! Well, the same thing seems to have happened with Disney. I was never a huge fan--though certainly not the detractor that is James! Again, after a while, I came to enjoy the sights and sounds and now I always think of the items I can sew (ha ha, as if I actually sewed!) adorned with Mickey silhouettes.

Anyway, here is trip number 14, which made the boys especially happy because of the ongoing construction they were able to watch.
Disney 14-1
Disney 14-2

We always try something new and managed to do something we hadn't done before on every single trip! On the 20th trip, the boys went on Mister Toad's Wild Ride. They were not entirely pleased, though A1 kept praising himself, "I didn't like it, but I'm really proud of myself for trying something new." Ha! It's nice when my words come back to me in that way.
Disney 15

We grew to be bigger fans of California Adventures than the main Disneyland park.
Disney 16

Hmm...on the 17th visit, I forgot my memory card and couldn't take a pic so I made them pose with the parking stub when we got home.
Disney 17

Some attractions are meant to be observed and not ridden!
Disney 18

Our 19th trip sees a better pic for A1 than A2. I feel an inappropriately large amount of guilt about that.
Disney 19-1
Disney 19-2

We saw the robot show on the 20th trip. I did not love. Fortunately, my opinions counts zero in the grand Disney scheme and the boys loved it.
Disney 20

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

A detractor of Disney among you?!

I had the same experience of the Boardwalk, too. I wasn't a huge fan (I just loved being around happy children and surreality), but I've come to love the park and all it offers.

Including Hot Dog on a Stick (sorry, vegans) which I don't eat, but I do drink their lemonade, which is delicious and made by emotionless young females stomping on lemons with a contraption.

I'm entertained more easily than the boys, I think!