21 July 2009

Concert in the park

Every summer, the City puts on a fabulous concert series. I usually send the boys with their grandparents so I can stay home and clean (there's something so gratifying about solitary cleaning, when things actually stay organized for longer than 30 seconds after I've put them away or wiped them down!) but I tagged along this time.

A2 enjoys these trips.

He really likes to soak in the music

...until he has to pee. In all honesty, it was way more convenient when he wasn't potty trained and I sort of miss it. Especially when there is a public restroom in my near future. Then I really miss it

...so I asked his grandfather to take him. See that serious look of urgency on A2's face? Ha!

I tried to take pics of A1, but he was being uncooperative. Hmph. Four-year-olds.

It's a good thing he totally lets his guard down with his grandfather around.


Amber Riley said...

That last picture with grandpa melts my heart. I think your kids have the same type of relationship with their grandparents as mine do. It is sooooo special! It makes me SO HAPPY! :) I am sure you feel the same way.

LH said...

Well, being an only child means your children have no choice but to be close to their grandparents! Of course, living a block away helps too.

The next time you have family photos, you should make sure to get portraits of your folks with the kids!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I'm so glad there's a universal sign for "I gotta pee" with kids.

Brett said...

Love the entire A1 series...especially the culmination of laughing with grandpa. And you know there is more to it than being a block apart!