04 July 2009

Bombs bursting in air

...but prettier and way less scary than over Fort McHenry.

Rather than be trapped in the stadium of the local high school where the show was centered, we decided to plant ourselves at a neighboring strip mall. We didn't mind the cars whizzing by, desperately trying to find parking, or the fact that about a zillion other people also decided they would plant themselves at said neighboring strip mall! The boys still very much enjoyed their very first fireworks show. Here are a few craptastic photos:

When we got home, we played with some sparklers, which seemed much more dangerous than I remember as a child! Here we are getting ready to spell stuff out...it was nice practice in going fully manual with the camera, setting the f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and even focus.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I liked your fireworks pics!

Sparklers are kind of scary. I love 'em, but during fire safety commercials for the Fourth, the PSAs would always say how hot and dangerous they were, so they make me nervous now.

(It doesn't take much.)

LH said...

Now that the boys have had (and enjoyed!) their 1st firewks show, I'm considering taking them some place special next year, like Newport where it's displayed over the water. Now that would make for spectacular photos. Tho anything compared to pkg lot photos would be spectacular!