02 July 2009

A2 is 2!

Okay, technically he turned 2 a while ago, but I'm WAY behind on this blog.

He tried to put out the candles with his cute but totally ineffective crooked blow. His finger-wagging and commanding the candles to go out didn't quite work either.

His brother had to step in. He wasn't too happy about that development.

But in the end, he got to eat his cake so all was forgiven.


H F W said...

Awww, you're baby is two!! Happy birthday to him. I'm getting a little weepy about the toddler turning two next month. Where did the first two years ago? What a beautiful blur.

H F W said...

Also, I know that the "you're" should be "your", but there's no edit button. And I'm a bit anal retentitve about that. Sorry.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Awwwwww!!! So cute. :)

LH said...

Hy, A2's 1st 2 yr flew by even quicker than A1's. Wow!

I, thx!