19 July 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 26

Wow, the midway point! I can't believe 6 months has flown by since I started this project!

176 of 365: I really should take more pictures of James.
176 of 365

177 of 365: I'm usually very close to the subject so stepping back a bit is new and interesting to me. I mean, that weird tuft of greenery is neat and the half-fallen bandage is too cute, but I would have missed them both had I just done my usual head and torso shot.
177 of 365

178 of 365: Beautiful families make taking pictures so easy.
178 of 365

179 of 365: 10 weeks old and already flirtin' like a pro.
179 of 365

180 of 365: I'm digging the new Kangaroo Paw in the front yard.
180 of 365

181 of 365: I think this pic lacks something to help the viewer determine scale. It feels a lot smaller than it actually is.
181 of 365

182 of 365: This is part of an AMAZING birthday cake made by a friend with mad skilz.
182 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Mm...sugar dough! That's a beautiful cake.

I think I know what a kangaroo paw plant looks like with this photo of yours--it's pulled back a bit more so I can see more than the other photo.

Speaking of which, that half-fallen-off bandage is SO cute. It's interesting to see what you capture as you change things around!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, that palm doesn't look small to me, but it may be because I (think I) know it's a palm.

That flowering cone is gorgeous! I rarely get the pleasure of seeing one.

LH said...

Yes, kangaroo paw structure and bandages...I like pulling back.

Just yesterday, I read, "A painter starts with nothing and keeps adding things till he ends up with the perfect picture. A photographer starts with everything and takes things away till he has the perfect picture." I guess I'd been taking too many things away.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Or maybe you have a painterly way of photographing!