05 July 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 24

162 of 365: Kangaroo paw plant from the front yard.
162 of 365

163 of 365: The sunflowers have reached the flag displayed from our roof!
163 of 365

164 of 365: I have a good number of pictures of this gal smiling and happy but for some reason, this one, where she's totally distressed, is the one that catches my eye.
164 of 365

165 of 365: Um...process in Photoshop much?
165 of 365

166 of 365: I have so many pics of this little gal on my hard drive! But I can't help it! She's soooo cute!
166 of 365

167 of 365: We took the a bus field trip--we didn't go anywhere in particular...just wanted to ride the bus. The boys couldn't have had more fun if they tried!
167 of 365

168 of 365: S is for sparkler!
168 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Loved the Photoshopped image! It looked so painterly.

What's a kangaroo plant like in its entirety? Like, why is it called a kangaroo plant?

LH said...

Kangaroo paw plant in fact looks like a kangaroo's paw! Beautiful and drought resistant. It's been so hot here, I've been rethinking the types of plants I put in the yard.