13 July 2009

23 days of Disney

We were able to fit in almost 2 dozen trips to Disneyland (and Disney's California Adventure) before the summer blockout at the end of June...and already the boys are asking when they'll be back.

Disney 21

Disney 22
Disney 22-2

Disney 23

And I can see why. They always have such a blast there!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love living in a town where there's an actual amusement park (the Boardwalk).

If I lived nearer to you guys, I probably would never get any work done because I'd be like, "Can I come? Can I come? Oh, please? Please!"

So cool for the boys to have Disneyland in their backyard. :)

LH said...

I've found Disneyland to be a wonderful place for observing all aspects of human behavior. There's something about the pressure of being on vacation that brings out the extremes in people.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Disneyland itself is an extreme context in terms of locale. Hee hee! What a great lab.