21 June 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo

What a surprisingly wonderful zoo! Although they had giraffes, elephants, and other amazing animals in residence, I still snapped an inexplicably large number of meerkat photos

...and well as shots of the boys in exactly the same pose all over the zoo. Here are two examples:

I even managed to hand over the camera so I could be in a photo. I have no idea what's going on with A2's leg in this shot.

After the zoo, we went for a dip in the pool. Go on, test your ability to read children's facial expressions...who's a natural in the water and who is terrified at even the mention of swimming pools?


Ivan Chan Studio said...

So cute! Glad you handed over the camera. What's A2 doing with his arm/hand in two pics?

I love meerkats. I don't know if it's their communal nature or their primate-like qualities, or both. They're kind of like evolved prairie dogs or something.


LH said...

A2 is waving "hi" to me!

Our family has a strange love of meerkats. We were fascinated by them when we first saw them at the San Diego Zoo. They're so communicative and interactive!