08 June 2009

Photography: A full-contact sport

I know lots of mothers who won't take their cameras to the beach because they're afraid of damage by sand or salt water.
beach 3
beach 4

It might sound like a ludicrous statement in this depressed economy, but equipment can be repaired or even replaced.
beach 2

But you can never make up the moments that you miss capturing.
beach 1

I'm about waist-deep in the pool, clutching onto the camera here:
splash 1
splash 2


Ivan Chan Studio said...

That look on A1's face in the second to last photo, with your caption--I couldn't stop laughing.


LH said...

They've both previously heard me screech upon dropping the camera. I think they were hoping for a repeat performance by splashing as hard as they could!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, trying to induce tragedy in order to laugh!