01 June 2009

Perfect family, imperfect portrait

This is my beautiful, talented friend.
McW 1

She wanted a pretty portrait--that elusive shot of mama and children all looking forward and smiling. Alas, there was a bit of dissension amongst the ranks (no, that was not some far-reaching WoW reference).
McW 2
McW 3

Her daughter wanted a picture with her nectarine in her mouth. Heh. And I encouraged it.
McW 4

Unfortunately for my friend, I, too, agree that the best shots are the informal ones.
McW 6
McW 5

Here are the obligatory pics of A1 & A2 for blog identification purposes:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love the first pic of the mom just by herself.

You capture people's connections to you.

It always makes me smile.


LH said...

See how her smile is almost a smirk? That's very much our connection! (I mean that in a very good way.)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yes! I think that's what I latched onto as your connection. :)


Lucinda said...

great water and sand photos!Your kiddos are adorable.

Amber Riley said...

Your kids are darling and i LOVE the pictures of Jen and the kids. Free spirits!!

Jen said...

Lam, only you could make pictures of my imperfect family still look like fine art. Huge thanks for sharing your talent with us.

BTW: what smirk? [Smirks.]

LH said...

Luci & Amber, thanks!

Jen, next up on the schedule, Photoshop playdate!