03 June 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Hm...two Mother's Day posts in a row...I think I've just given away how many weeks I am behind in blogging our lives.

A1's preschool has so many special events, but out of all of them, this is the one by which I am most delighted.
Mother's Day tea

Everyone was dressed in formal attire (a few mamas wore their wedding dresses!) and the kids presented us with decorated hats, a bouquet, and some art with their thoughts written on them. Then, we were invited into the classroom where we had scones they had baked and tea they had brewed. We capped off the morning with some dancing. And I tell ya, I was so touched, not just by my own baby, but by the love and attention between all the mamas and their babies. I often see these mamas dropping off and picking up their kids while also attending to siblings or our various classroom duties, so to see them focused on their children so fully and completely was beautiful. There's something so timeless about capturing that bond between mother and child:


H F W said...

That's such a wonderful idea, and those pictures really captured a lot of emotion. I'm sure those mamas will be glad to have those photos.

Brett said...

Love your portrait with A1.

Jen said...

What a gorgeous photo of you and A1 together. Finally you get to be IN a picture!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You two coordinate beautifully in blue!


LH said...

HyFi, Brett, & I, thanks!

MicDub, notice how the pics of me taken by other people look a whole lot like the pics of other people taken by me? Just goes to show you how much of the look of my pics are due to Photoshop!