22 June 2009

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Because we arrived in Monterey (from our stay in Salinas) much sooner than we'd anticipated, we stopped off at the beach. Wow...vastly different from the beaches to which we're accustomed in our native So Cal. We, the kids especially, enjoyed it immensely!

And here is James's entry for 2009 Father of the Year...
(Don't worry, A2 is running away laughing!)

The aquarium was amazing with a huge variety of wild and wonderful creatures, but for some reason, I was drawn to the more commonplace seahorses and jellyfish.

The kids had a great time...I guess. It's not like I have much photographic evidence of it--see the aforementioned statement regarding my bizarre fascination with Hippocampi and medusae.

Hey! What are James and A2 doing in front of my pic of the jellies!?!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

The beaches here are cold!

The seahorses and jellies are entrancing, aren't they? I just saw this special on PBS about seahorses being endangered. So sad! I can stare at them for hours, especially their eyes and fins. They remind me of chameleons, and a little of monkeys, too.

I'm terrible when I go to the Aquarium, because I think of it as giant tank in a Chinese seafood restaurant...


LH said...

Ha! What part of the seahorse is reminiscent of primates?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I think it's their eyes and tails that make them seem monkey-like to me. The roving eyes, absorbing in their environment, and then the curly tails that cling onto things.

I think any animal (including people) that looks like it's thinking makes me think of monkeys!