20 June 2009

J Paul Getty Museum

I am a sucker for FREE. I loves me some F R E E !

Okay, okay, we had to pay for parking but the tram ride and museum admission were free.
Getty 1

The kids had a pretty good time.
Getty 2
Getty 3
Getty 4
Getty 5
Getty 6

But I think they're always happy hanging out with both baba and mama at the same time.
Getty 7
Getty 8
Getty 9

With all the beautiful architecture there, you'd think I would have more photos of the structures. But I still gravitated toward closeups of the flora. Moody flora, apparently.
Getty 10

GIANT bushy labyrinth, teeny tiny people!
Getty 11

And while I'm on the faux tilt shift kick: teeny tiny cars on the freeway!
Getty 12


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Wow, those cars look like toys!

It's sweet that you guys got to hang out together. The Getty is a fun museum and the restaurant (not so free) is pretty good, too.

I love the moody flora, just like I love the succulents photograph from another post. I inhabit those vignettes often, I think.


LH said...

If you have a narrow band of focus with lots out of focus and rich, bright colors, it looks like it's a miniature setting. Strange how the brain interprets the eyes' info. I love tilt shift photography but never get out enough to take the kinds of photos that work well to be faux miniaturized.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, cool!

So what's tilting and what's shifting? Is it a reference to the light spectrum and/or perspective?