10 June 2009

I have family issues

No no, not those kinds of family issues. Okay...well, yes--I do have those kinds but that's not what this post is about. It's about how awkwardly posed and stiff families are in my photos.
G fam
B fam

And that only happens when I get lucky! Sometimes I can't even get everyone sitting up straight and looking in the same direction.
L fam
Mc Fam

The only time there's any action in family photos is when they're actually doing something--but that's not the kind of picture you want to enlarge, frame, and hang on the wall, you know?
R fam
K fam

Maybe I should just face the fact that I'm better as capturing part families as compared to whole families. See? Stiff whole family:
St fam

Kinetic part family:

In case you missed it, here it is again. Stationary whole family:
Su fam

Emotional, fun part family shots:

What in the world is wrong with me?

That's rhetorical--don't answer that. This blog has an unmoderated comments section and that sort of language is not child-friendly.


Jen said...

How can you call those gorgeous pictures awkwardly-posed and stiff?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Too funny. Seriously. It's like counter-digital-transference.

LH said...

I think I'll start a photography business specializing in divorced families so I don't have to fit as many people into a single frame!

attorneymama said...

lol at the child-friendly comment. :)

I think that the problem is not with the photographer, but rather with the pressure that is created by the parents in family pictures. Kids do not want to sit still and look at a camera 10x. They want to play. That is why my favorite family pictures are the ones that are taken from a distance, capturing our family interacting together. I have a picture that was taken of our family September 2008 in which *no one* is looking at the camera. It is by far the best family picture ever taken of us!! We have such joyous expressions on our face.

LH said...

Jen, thank you, you are too kind...now stop dilly dallying and start designing your mother's website!

I, odd that you say that because I totally feel like photography is one giant exercise in the expression of countertransference!

attymama, is that photo posted somewhere? I don't see it on your FB folders--that one has you and DH looking fwd.