09 June 2009


Our vegetable patch had a few false starts because of our early losses in the Gopher Wars so we're finally starting to get some edibles to munch on.

It's not enough for a meal,

...but it's more than enough to make a toddler very, very happy!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Better than potato chips! :)

The red of his shirt is a nice complement to the green of the snap pea!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

D'oh! Forgot to subscribe.

LH said...

Yes, the brown and gray go beautifully together! ;)

Ivan Chan Studio said...


(Actually, in these photos, the red and green is more difficult for me to see than the green of the bokeh photo.)

LH said...

Interesting! What allows you to visualize it better in your mind? Contrast--tonal differences? The red and green here are almost a solid block of color whereas in the bud/bokeh photo, the green is blooming out in many (subtly) different shades.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's the tone that gives it away for me--if it's very strong, then I can tell the hue, usually.

Funny thing is, I "sense" colors more and more than once I'll say something like, "That's a brown but there's some red in it" and someone will disagree with me but then they'll say, "Wait, you're right, how did you see it?"

I have no idea. I remember during my science illustration class, we learned to mix colors and that's how I perceive the world sometimes--I don't just see "red" I see Barn Red mixed with a hint of Indian Yellow and a touch of viridian, plus an accent of indigo. According to those who have color checked my work, I get the colors right--but technically, I can't see all the colors I'm putting down, and I'm also not seeing what other people are seeing (in a general way).

So, short answer is, I dunno. :)

LH said...

So neat! You're like those oenophiles who can tell you what else was growing in fields nearby the grapes. WAY back when I painted, I was better at that than I imagined I would be but I've completely lost the ability now.