02 June 2009

(grand)Mother's Day present

I wanted the boys to present my mother with something, but as usual, I procrastinated. So that morning, we ran to Home Depot for some tiles (less than 20 cents each!) and I had the boys press in a paint handprint.

They added some other painted embellishments.

And, of course, there was glitter as a finishing touch. Well, technically, the polyurethane was the finishing touch, but I didn't let the boys handle that step.

Not the greatest project in the world, but it was quick (and dirty!).


Lucinda said...

aww cute I love it! Great idea. My dad loves tile he would have loved this thanks for the idea! :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Wow, that's pretty cool!

I remember those kinds of gifts, but they were done on construction paper and were kinda disposable.

So creative--other than the materials, you weren't out there buying a ready-made gift. Many levels of learning on that one!


LH said...

Lulu, this was dirt cheap and I only used what was already in the house except for the tiles, but if you have other items that represent your dad more, I would stick 'em right on there! You can use those plate hangers to display them in the walls.

I, I am a firm believer that no one really needs more things so I love personalized gifts--to give and to receive. Actually this makes me a little sad because A1 always got so so excited whenever I would sew him something. Man, I can't wait to get my life back after tomorrow (the charity auction) and start sewing again--not that I don't absolutely love taking pictures.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It'll be nice to go back to your sewing--I imagine there's a pleasure to it like when I go back to painting after a break.

I enjoy your photographs immensely, and of course, can't wait to see what you sew (no pressure, though).

LH said...

Pictures are pretty. And sometimes they transcend that...like when the mother of a teenager looks back on her child's infant pictures, or when it captures an intimate look from a dear relative who has passed away. But at the end of the way, they are not as utilitarian as my sewing projects and I still struggle with that.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I can definitely sympathize!

I remember someone once told me that one of the criteria for fine art (which differentiated it from crafts) was its absolute uselessness!