04 June 2009


We came. We saw. We fed.
ducks 1

Obviously we don't believe in portion control when it comes to feeding waterfowl.
ducks 2

Okay, this is not a duckling (See? My undergraduate bio degree didn't go to waste!), but I like how dreamy the water looks.
ducks 3

Also not ducklings:
ducks 4


Ivan Chan Studio said...

So cute!

From the title I thought people would be avoiding bullets or thrown balls or something. :)

Okay, and I know it's because I'm Chinese, but they look tasty (the ducks, not your kids).

I'm terrible.


Lucinda said...

LOL on the last post about the ducks looking yummy! ;) Love the curly hair on your little guy!Where was this place you guys went to?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

They're like popcorn chicken (ducks)!


LH said...

I, I originally misspelled the title (sans "L") so I can understand your misinterpretation of these tasty morsels.

Lucita, it was Irvine Regional Park, where they encourage you to feed bread to the ducks...unlike places like Mile Square Park where they charge at you blowing their whistles if they catch you feeding the ducks (and terrifyingly giant geese).

Mindy said...

cute. i think our city doesn't like people feeding the ducks(people do it anyway). btw, finally got some pics uploaded onto my blog now that we have 2 cameras @ home. :)

attorneymama said...

Tis the season for ducklings. We have been watching the ones at our local park grow. :)