11 June 2009

Becky the Elephant

...just another average day at preschool!

Becky comes out of her trailer and waves hello.
Becky hi

She does a few tricks.
Becky tricks

And then a few more.
Becky tricks 2

And afterward, all the kids, even the younger siblings, get a chance to hand-feed her.
Becky A1
Becky A2

Nothing says treasured memories like a photo of terrified children next to a giant beast.
Becky As


Ivan Chan Studio said...

The abject terror on those faces...

Am I evil because I can't stop laughing? I think your caption put me over the edge...treasured memories! Oh! I'm going to pee my pants!

LH said...

OMG, it's hysterical!!! And not just the last photo, look how their non-dominant hand is all curled up tightly on their bodies in the photos above. Ha!!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yeah, I totally noticed that!! I'm always watching how people unconsciously express themselves through their hands and feet, it's so funny!

Does this make up for the Terror Tram ride at all? :)

LH said...

You watching feet? Now that's sheer terror right there! Heh.

Actually, one of the best rules about portraiture that I ever learned (recently too) is never to cut off hands. They can be naturally obstructed by something else in the composition or they can be cut out entirely (e.g., headshot), but they shouldn't be chopped partially off the frame because they are so much a part of how people communicate nonverbally and therefore a part of their personal expression.

The whole family teases me mercilessly about my fear of the aerial tram!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, that's a good rule to remember!

Hands can be difficult for some artists. I happen to like drawing them because I love hands (especially monkey hands). I see some artists who try to fudge their depiction of hands and it's painful to catch!

I've gotten over my foot aversion and now I treat them like those beloved pugs. However, I'm still picky about hygiene. And that Jewel album still gives me nightmares.

Amber Riley said...

How cool is that!!! My kids would have LOVED it!!

H F W said...

LMBO!! I ADORE that last picture! That's going to carry me through a rainy, chilly Saturday with a smile on my face.

Lucinda said...

OMG that last one is too funny! Your such a mean mama Lam forcing them to stand next to that scary elephant lol! They have that maybe if I don't move or make a peep the big hairy monster won't notice I'm right below him/her.