21 June 2009

365 Photography Project, Weeks 21 & 22

I don't like to post twice in a day, but if I don't squeeze these 365 photos in during their usual Sunday slot, they will just languish among the list of lonely, unpublished posts.

141 of 365: James's motorcycle. He's not fond of the artsy views, but we both seem to like this one.
141 of 365

142 of 365: Jacaranda!
142 of 365

143 of 365: Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses watch the tree trimmers.
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144 of 365: Ordinary picture of an extraordinary circumstance--she's a runner who wants neither to look at nor smile for the camera.
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145 of365: This one is less of a triumph than yesterday's pic because she's a smiley ham...and I LOVE it when she poses for the camera!
145 of 365

146 of 365: Gorgeous buildings at the Getty and on what do I focus? Closeups of the succulents!
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147 of 365: My first real viewing of a meerkat was of a very very fat one...now when I see these normal-sized ones, I wonder why they're so skinny.
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148 of 365: Jellyfish are freakin' awesome!
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149 of 365: We spent 4 days in my cousin's place. This is his delicious daughter who is just too cute for words!
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150 of 365
150 of 365

151 of 365
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152 of 365
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153 of 365: Eeps! Losing light and no photo-of-the-day yet!
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154 of 365: While obviously not always the case, I find young children look to their mothers for internal exploration and to their fathers for external exploration. I've also observed that these forms do not coexist simultaneously. It's always interesting to me when one parent recedes to the background and how they switch off.
154 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Again, beautiful, evocative photographs, along with provocative captions.


LH said...

Thanks! I'm enjoying the 365 journey thus far!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I forgot to ask: Why don't you like to post more than once a day?

LH said...

...because I am a total OC(P)D freak. Really, there's no rhyme or reason behind why I don't like to post more than once daily. I'm sure it has to do with why I have to try every item at a buffet and why I don't like having more than one wrap (baby carrier) from any one manufacturer.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, okay. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for snapping that pic! I never got a chance to take any with my camera because Claire had one of her increasingly more frequent mini-meltdowns, so we had to leave. She sure looks happy at that moment though. I like the look on my hubby's face behind us.