28 June 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 23

155 of 365: Last Sunday, I went outside and saw delicious airy clouds but didn't want to take photos of just the sky. So, I kept looking up until I saw our (now over 12 feet tall!) sunflower. It's odd that to my eye, the best non-human photographs are the ones that look most like paintings.
155 of 365

156 of 365: Bubble popping is serious business. We were rushing out the door from this playdate to get to swim lessons on time and sometimes that rush works so that I get less posed, wonderfully candid photos and sometimes it just looks rushed:
156 of 365

157 of 365: I'm still working on (and failing at) capturing families well enough that they don't look like you handed your pocket point-and-shoot camera to Aunt Ethel with cataracts to blindly snap an awkward picture. My apologies to all the eagle-eyed, sharp-shootin' Aunt Ethels of the world.
157 of 365

158 of 365: Lemme outta here!!!
158 of 365

159 of 365: Seriously, how does her mother get anything done during the day? If I were her mother, I would just sit and stare and bask in her beauty all day long!
159 of 365

160 of 365: Our corn is growing growing growing! That pinkish tuft of silk has become much darker and longer. So interesting! I've never grown corn before so it's a learning experience for me as well as the boys.
160 of 365

161 of 365: I love that kids are happy playing in the dirt and collecting rocks and pine cones. You know, they don't get addicted to video games unless we bother to introduce it to them!
161 of 365


Jen said...

I feel compelled to say that my kids love dirt, rocks, pine cones, AND video games. I think maybe just as some parents introduce their kids to nature but not video games, others introduce their kids to video games but not nature. So IMHO the error is not the introduction of games, but failing to introduce anything else to balance them.

And I’m sure the fact that I make games for a living has nothing to do with my passion on this subject.... ;)

Rachel said...

I love that sunflower pic! I agree, it looks like a painting. (A beautiful one at that). And of course the one of Ella is beyond gorgeous!

LH said...

McDubs, I stand corrected! I totally agree w/ your point--I think I was just swayed by a recent outing w/ a friend and her 7-yr-old, who really resisted going outside because he only wanted to play vid games. Of course, his mother never had him play outside when he was younger so I don't fault him for being resistant. I suppose what I meant to say is that for better or for worse, our children tend to grow up exactly the way that we raise them. It's just not fair to them to expect them to change immediately when we change our own minds about what we think is good for them or how we think they should act.

Rach, thanks but Ella is always gorgeous in photos no matter who takes them!

attorneymama said...

Lam, gorgeous pictures as always. That one you posted on FB of Lily playing "motorboat" is one of my all time favorite pictures.

I once attended "Stroller Strides" (I know, I had to borrow a stroller) and was sooooo shocked to find that all of the moms of preschoolers stuck their kids in the stroller with a Nintendo DS and did their workout. Wow. Isn't the point of it to *interact* with your kids!?! I wound up pushing an empty stroller while wearing both kids and doing lunges simultaneously. LOL. I never went back.

We had such a fun time at the playdate. The dirt wound up being a hit for hours that day. Perhaps I should just tear up my grass at home and let them roll around in mud all day!

BTW, I directed my online friend K to your blog today. She is trying to raise a billingual son (French/English) in Canada and she is struggling with his delays in both languages. I told her that you occasionally had fascinating posts on the subject. :)

LH said...

attymama, I recall rdg a piece a number of yrs ago that described how WOHMs statistically have more quality time compared to their SAHM counterparts. Though I bet the SAHM cohort in that study was not of the AP crowd. ;)

We have a designated mud square at home and love it. Let's schedule a Sat playdate soon!

JudiB said...

AMAZING photos...I was staring at your sunflowers when I was over on Tuesday...I was in awe of how tall they were!!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

The little girl in 159 looks like a miniature Meg Ryan to me (so she's adorable x2).

I'm getting Jack and the Beanstalky with the gigantic sunflower. You do have a painterly sense and it informs your photographic work very well.

There's a charm to blind aunties armed with cameras, but with you, I consider it the quick sketch of a skilled artist. There's material to be mined in anything you see and capture!